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Opioids can come in tablets or capsules but are consumed in several ways. There are many negative consequences to using drugs, but one that is not always mentioned as much is the fact that drug-induced psychosis is a real possibility for anyone who misuses drugs. While it is true that drug-induced psychosis is generally very temporary, it can… Challenges, Effects on Children, and Possible Solutions Co-parenting is not a walk in the park, especially when one parent is a drug addict. Disagreements about schedules, rules, and lack of consistency often occur, leading to a chaotic co-parenting situation.

It can add unnecessary stress and anxiety to what is supposed to be an otherwise pleasant experience. Find out how you can help and be a positive influence in their journey to be alcohol-free. She advocates that the focus is not on staying sober, but on living a life of freedom and joy. On her blog, Annie focuses on answering commonly asked questions related to alcohol, as well as offering a wide variety of “How To” articles as they relate to living an alcohol-free life.

Tawny also hosts the Recovery Rocks podcast series with Lisa Smith, a Gen-X lawyer in 12-step recovery. They discuss issues like substance use, mental health challenges, and trauma.

Sober Living Blogs To Help You Through Recovery

The majority of people who have problems are teenagers and the elderly. Due to its two components, physical addiction, and psychological addiction, it is easy to lose control of your life and let the addiction control you.

Holly believes that sobriety allows us to awaken to our best selves and it is actually our greatest gift. Jean McCarthy began her blog on the first day of her sobriety and has been writing ever since. Her site shares her own personal struggles, but also offers insightful and useful information on navigating through a sober life. Tawny asks you to follow her on her journey as she swaps booze for tea in Jersey City and NYC. Tawny began writing her blog to document her life after she chose to give up alcohol for one full year. She writes about staying sober at weddings, during holidays, what naked yoga is like. She also talks about how meditation improves her soul and the parallels between bulimia and addiction.

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Time in sober living is often dramatically proved when strategically adding elements like life coaching, recovery coaching, private therapy, career guidance, etc. Ongoing scientific research has consistently shown that the longer an alcoholic or drug addict can remain… Nutrition has long been linked to good health and when it comes to addiction recovery, it is equally so. Learning to eat right can help sober living success… Drugs and alcohol take sober living blog a tremendous toll on the brain as well as the body. This is a blog about sobriety designed for women of color who are sober or looking toward sobriety. It is written by Shari Hampton, a Black woman who makes it clear that while the blog is not exclusively for Blacks, it is definitely inclusive of Blacks. You’ll find honest content about the sobriety journey, as well as discussions of food, music, and wellness practices such as yoga and meditation.

Feedspot has a team of over 50 experts whose goal is to discover and rank blogs, podcasts and youtube channels in several niche categories. Publishers submit their blogs or podcasts on Feedspot using the form at the top of this page. Our expert editorial team reviews and adds them to a relevant category list. Ranking is based on relevancy, blog post frequency, social metrics, domain authority, traffic and many other parameters. We routinely remove inactive blogs and those which are no longer relevant to a given list. List is updated as we receive new blog submissions and re-ranked every few weeks. My drunk persona appeared on Jersey Shore and Bachelor Pad.

Going Back To School After Rehab Or After Addiction Treatment

Connect with people from all walks of life, share stories of recovery, and find support in this community of people who are invigorated by the opportunities that come from living a sober lifestyle. Chris Scott shares informative posts with tips, tricks and things learned in his own alcoholism recovery journey. His mission is to help people dominate alcohol addiction using nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle strategies. Many structured sober livings and recovery homes are now offering PHP and IOP treatment, but can this take the place of traditional inpatient drug rehab? It is often heard that structured sober living homes cannot take the place of residential or Partial… Today, we’ll talk about our five favorite ways you can engage with your alumni. You can use one or all of these tactics to build strong alumni relationships that you can leverage when you’re working to solidify your sober living homes’ place in your local recovery community.

  • Design for Recovery provides structured sober living in Los Angeles, California.
  • Photos that are edited with filters and lighting posted with quotes of the great spiritual giants, of past and present, raising the bar of everyday life so high, that no one can achieve it.
  • New Life House has been a leader in providing sober living communities for recovering men.
  • I did not want my children to fall into the belief that they need to be defined by their loss, or have his death be their legacy.

Readers can browse first-person recovery journeys, new and alternative treatment information, research and studies, and more. Her site features a variety of stories related to her sobriety, but it also takes you into a real-life account of her own life and her own personal experiences in what it’s like to be an adult. Shari Hampton’s brings us Served Up Sober, a company created for sober or sober curious women of color looking for healing and support. More than just a blog, Served Up Sober brings a plethora of resources to those seeking help and support.

Follow this blog to gain knowledge from professionals and families about drug and alcohol problems in young adults. Families do not have to suffer with addiction; they can heal, with or without, their loved one. We look at addiction, codependency and enabling and caretaking behaviors. If the addict agrees to treatment, he or she leaves as soon as possible. If help isn’t accepted, we talk about how the relationships in the family will have to change. Either way, treatment recommendations are made for each member of the family. The very reality that families are most afraid of is the very reality addicts need most, which is the opportunity to run into themselves.

Community Reinforcement And Family Training Craft Therapy

Each piece is titled with her day count and expresses her current feelings at that time in her sobriety. She’s written incredible pieces about “killing the yes” and her most recent piece is a progressive, modern-day online alcoholism self-assessment quiz for today’s women. Sober living in Chicago starts with Stairway To Freedom, a network of addiction recovery homes offering structure & support for a fresh start. Visit the Stairway to Freedom blog for real-world insights into the addiction recovery process and practical advice for living sober in Chicago.

  • Recovery Speakers offers a wide range of resources for people recovering from addiction in any of its forms, including alcohol.
  • For decades, they’ve studied the connection and determined that unemployment and relapse rates are related.
  • Without a doubt, we can all agree with a mission like that they hold a firm place on the list of the top 25 recovery bloggers.
  • Our facility’s surroundings promote the opportunity for you to be able to continue your life of sobriety.

No longer defined by the terms and labels, I am truly free, to live large and be brave. Since letting go of any attachment to the outcome of my choices, or how others view me, life has become an arena of endless opportunities. Play, Struggle, stand still and hurt, take chances and through all of life’s experiences, evolve into people who simply, inspire others to live. Relapse is not an end but the beginning of someone new.

Eudaimonia Sober Living Homes

I’ve described her words as “heaven on a page.” Her writing offers unique and insightful tips on navigating a life of sobriety. Laura describes herself as a mama, writer, light-seeker, and recovery warrior. About – New Method Wellness’ Living Sober Blog provides encouragement and understanding for anyone who has a substance abuse addiction. I’m a wife, mother, grandmother, dog lover, etc… I went to high school in the late 60’s and college in the 70’s so I used to know a lot about sex, alcohol and marijuana. I was really mousey and afraid so I didn’t smoke much weed. I am a 39 year old stay at home Mom of one gorgeous son.

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Today, we’ll cover state funding restrictions and local nuisance lawsuits at the city and county level that might affect your sober living home business, depending on your location. Today, we’ll look at what a Good Neighbor Agreement is, how to write one that works and how to implement a GNA at your sober living home. Research has shown that women face more barriers than men when accessing treatment for addiction.

Events, a podcast, Facebook groups, book recommendations, music, and more combine so that those seeking help can feel supported in every aspect of their lives. My personal blog aims to provide some insight into what goes on inside an addict’s mind. This blog came from my experiences, and I intend to keep it as authentic as possible.

Sober Living

The goal of a sober living facility is to provide a transition to independence for patients looking to maintain their sobriety after rehab treatment. Beth Leipholtz proves that you can get sober at any age. She writes about her ever-evolving sober life, the pitfalls of sobriety, how she avoids relapse, her experience in dating sober, and general reflections on the life of a 20-something-year-old. Liv initially recovered in AA, but decided to reclaim her agency and autonomy and lead a self-directed recovery that was fulfilling for her. She now supports individuals in that same process, if they want to leave 12-step recovery.

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So yeah, I’ve been doing this for a little while now, since 2006 actually. All these years I’ve spent so much time and energy thinking about creating a website focused on sobriety and recovery. I fancied one day I’d write that memoir or launch that podcast, but I never did.

This year, we’re honoring alcohol recovery blogs that are committed to educating, inspiring, and empowering people on their recovery journey. The Fix’s stated editorial mission is to destigmatize all forms of addiction and mental health matters, support recovery, and assist toward humane policies and resources. Without a doubt, we can all agree with a mission like that they hold a firm place on the list of the top 25 recovery bloggers. Magz Shores, the writer behind Sober Courage, falsely believed that alcohol gave her courage and bravery.

Own Sobriety

At our Asheville sober living & recovery residences, sobriety is never boring. Engage in positive and fun activities together on a daily basis.

Dawn Nickel and Taryn Strong are the incredible mother/daughter duo behind She Recovers. The She Recovers ladies encourage all pathways of recovery and warmly welcome women who are recovering in all areas of their lives.

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