How to Conclude an Essay

The last paragraph of an essay should be a review of the arguments and major points made throughout the paper. This is not the place to present new ideas. If you include new words at the conclusion of your essay, it could make the reader confused. Reiterating your thesis statement at the end of essay is another common error in essay writing. This is not effective and will only confuse your reader. This strategy also demonstrates that you lack creativity and originality.

While a good conclusion isn’t as much of an issue than an introduction, it’s important to make it memorable. Avoid using jargon and keep your conclusion short and sweet. It should engage the reader and conclude with a a polished, professional finish. A weak conclusion will decrease the quality of the essay. It is also important to connect your ideas to the larger context to lessen the chance of writing fluff. Keep these guidelines in mind as you write your conclusion.

Remember that your conclusion is not the place to recite your entire essay. This is your chance to state your thoughts on a specific topic. Use words that reflect your values. Your aim is to impress your readers by sharing your opinion. So, ensure that the words you use reflect your convictions. Don’t be apologetic. Your goal is to convince your reader that your ideas merit being read.

Your conclusion should be the driving force of your most important points and their significance. Creating a clear structure gives you room to think. Remember, the conclusion is your final chance to impress your readers. Consider your readers and the kind of essay you are writing. Think about your audience and type of audience before writing your conclusion. Once you’ve completed the first paragraph and body of your essay, you’ll be able to conclude your essay with a strong conclusion.

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